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Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control is located in Land O’ Lakes, Florida which is in Pasco County, Florida.

With a booming population years have given way to neighborhoods that are a mix of newer communities. We provide pest control services in Land O’ Lakes including neighborhoods like Connerton, Tierra Del Sol, The Groves, Asbel, Wilderness Preserve and more established communities like The Preserves, Heron Cove, Turtle Lakes, Lake Padgett and many others.  From Wesley Chapel to Trinity and Oldsmar, Bay Area Lawn & Pest Control is Pasco County’s source for indoor pest control services for your home.  If you need indoor pest control services for a mobile home, condo or country estate, you can depend on us to provide affordable, effective home pest control services. We think Land O’ Lakes and East Pasco County is a beautiful place to call home! Let us help you keep those bugs at bay and away from your home or business.

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Because of the uniqueness of the landscape in Land O Lakes and Pasco County, and with numerous lake and waterfront homes and businesses, pests are common to both outdoor and indoor locations. Without a good pest extermination program, your beautiful Land O Lakes home or business can turn into a nightmare if pests are not kept under control. Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control offers a 4 time a year perimeter control treatment that will keep bugs away, preventing home invasions and bugs from finding their way indoors. This is the most effective way of preventing roaches, spiders, ants and other critters from coming indoors, making indoor pest control easier to manage.


  • Indoor Pest Control Services – Our indoor pest control services: We provide home pest control services in Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Trinity . If you’re anywhere in these surrounding Pasco County communities, Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control’s pest control technicians will access your home for a variety of indoor pests, providing a free pest inspection. Once we determine what type of indoor pests you have, or areas that are open to becoming a haven for infestation, we will recommend the type of extermination program that is best for you. Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control will prevent and treat existing pest infestations using techniques targeting specific indoor pests. Read more about our quarterly perimeter pest control service for your home or call us for a quote.

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Pest Control Services for Commercial Properties

 – Our indoor and outdoor pest control services and lawn spraying are what you need for your Pasco County business. Whether you have a commercial property in Land O Lakes, Lutz or Pasco County area that you would like to keep pest free, or you are a property owner or property management company or own a hotel, motel or restaurant, Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control Services will be there when you need us. We use the best extermination practices, are affordable and courteous. If you have apartments that have infestations of any kind, call us today at (813) 920-6008 for affordable, effective commercial pest control services.

Here are some common indoor pests that we treat for:

Ants: Florida is home to a variety of indoor and outdoor ants however, Carpenter ants are one of the most common indoor ants in Florida. In springtime, usually around April through June, carpenter ants can be found in many areas of your home or business, and often they are mistaken by termites. Homeowners have very little success of treating carpenter ants but Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control services are trained to find the nests and treat them with the proper protocol. Other ants that are common to Florida are as follows: Roaches Earwigs Sugar Ants Red Ants Argentine Ants Carpenter Ants Crazy Ants Odorous House Ants Pharaoh Ants Cockroaches Let’s face it.

Cockroaches: Roaches are disgusting, and especially when the decide to take up residency in your home. The cockroaches most commonly found in and around Florida homes are the Florida woods roach, the American Roach, smoky-brown roach, brown roach, brown banded roach, Australian cockroach, German cockroach and Asian roaches. In other words, there are many makes and models of the stubborn and nasty cockroach. The smallest cockroaches — the German and Asian roach can cause infestations that if not treated, can be devastating to your home and even your health. Cockroaches feed on dead material, live in dark places in the daytime and tend to come out at night. Prefer kitchens and bathrooms, roaches can infest furniture, molding and walls as well as sewer lines. Cockroaches can spread salmonella, produce allergens through their  skin and fecal matter and can literally destroy personal items such as your  furniture, books, clothing etc.

Other Pests that Invade Your Nest:

Roaches | Earwigs | Scorpions | Fleas | Ticks | Rats | Silverfish | Bed Bugs | Wasps | Bees | Dirt Dobber Wasps | Carpenter Ants | Sugar Ants | Ghost Ants | Fire Ants | Rodents | Spiders |Moles| And many more!

When you call Bay Area Lawn and Pest in Land O Lakes, Florida to inspect and treat your home for cockroaches you can rest assured that you’ll be on your way to a roach free home or business! so you can be healthy and happy!

Green Pest Control Services: We also offer “green pest control” services for those who prefer to use organic pest control methods. For more information about our effective, affordable indoor or outdoor pest control services for Land O Lakes and Pasco County homes or businesses, please contact us today for a free pest inspection.

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