Do Roaches Smell?

do cockroaches smell
If you are wondering what that smell is and you have noticed roaches or a roach infestation is underway in your home or business, then there is a good chance you are smelling the odor that many species of cockroaches emit. Just like humans, some roaches give off an odor. Many people who have had a cockroach infestation in their home will be able to identify the smell, but not be able to describe it. We describe it as a strong, musty or oily smell.  Where bad infestations of cockroaches have been observed, homeowners have said that the smell permeates into their food. So the answer is, YESmany species of cockroaches give off an odor, especially when there is an infestation.


Did You Know?

Male cockroaches have special sense receptors that allow them to smell the odor produced by a female when she is looking for a mate. Cockroaches emit a specific odor which helps them to remain in their “group.”

If you’re noticing a musty smell in your home or business, you may have a moisture problem (which many cockroaches thrive on) OR you might already have a roach infestation underway. Contact Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control in Land O Lakes , Pasco County’s affordable pest control and roach extermination services.