Quarterly Perimeter Pest Control Service

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Our home perimeter pest control service is affordable, effective and a safe alternative to spraying pesticides indoors. Four times annually, Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control will visit your home and treat the outside of your home. We place the right combination of baits, traps, dust formulations and limited pesticide to guarantee the best home pest control program . We utilize chemical and non chemical techniques to assure you your home won’t experience a pest infestation. If you’re in Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes or Trinity, Florida why not give our perimeter pest control service a try? Scroll down for our coupon and enjoy $25 off your first lawn spraying or perimeter pest control application.

We’re different from our competition because we offer you two lines of defense with our home pest control. The first places a bug-barrier around the perimeter of your house. Second, our home pest control for indoor pests and pest control, consists of placing dry products in the the walls by removing electric outlets, behind appliances, and around plumbing entrance points.

perimeter pest control service


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Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control’s home pest control 4 time annual perimeter pest control service will protect your home from pest infestations. This is far more effective and a safer option for indoor monthly pest control services.

Our professional pest control technicians will treat a 5-foot barrier around your home. We also ensure that your home’s windows, doors, eaves and soffits are properly treated. If you have a bug problem after we treat, Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control will return free of charge to treat your home until it’s “pest free.”

Four Time Annual Perimeter Pest Control Service – “Keeps Your Bugs at Bay!”

•Our perimeter pest control treatment puts a barrier between the bugs outdoors and your home’s interior.
•Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control can provide perimeter pest control services, even when you’re not home. can treat your home.
•Perimeter pest control is a safe, effective way to treat for pests, and limits the insecticides used in your home.
•No more worries about wet chemicals being sprayed inside your home which can effect pets and children and those who are sensitive to insecticides.