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If you’re trying to control pests with indoor commercial sprays, cups or other store bought pesticides you may not be having much success in keeping ants, roaches and other bugs from infesting your home’s interior. Although it may seem expensive to have a professional Land O Lakes Pest Control or extermination service treat for bugs, in the long run it is more effective and affordable than store bought pesticides and products.

Wasting your time and money on store bought remedies for ants, roaches, flies or other critters is easy to do, especially if you’re having to spray constantly or if you’re replacing your ant and roach cups every few months.  You may wonder why these don’t really work, and why the bugs keep coming back. Consult with our experienced pest control experts and they will tell you why many of these products just don’t work.

Perimeter Pest Control

Hiring a professional pest control company is the wise choice if you’re serious about keeping your home and garden free of pests. We know how to combat and treat for ants, roaches, fleas, flies, spiders and all sorts of pests the right way.

One way to eliminate bugs or to make sure your home is free from bugs is by treating the perimeter of your home or business with pesticides, eliminating the bugs outdoors, so they don’t come indoors. If you already have pests indoors, we know where they are, what will kill them and how to keep them away.

Give our four time per year perimeter pest control service a try and stop spending money on pesticides that just don’t work and may be harmful if overused.

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