Fleas and flea control

Fleas in Your Home or Business

There are numerous types of fleas found in Florida and over 250 species in North America!¬† Some of our clients have asked ” Isn’t a flea, just a flea?” The answer is yes and no but the solution is finding the fleas and providing flea control. If you are having a flea problem, or to keep the fleas at bay, it’s important to have Land O Lakes Pest Control Company to inspect and spray your home for fleas and other pests too.

Here are some quick facts about fleas:

  • Cat fleas are the most prevalent in Florida and particularly Pasco County and generally what we treat for. Cat fleas can be found on cats, dogs, mice, rabbits and other animals. They can cause flea infestations in your home and your business as well.
  • Sand fleas are basically, just a regular flea that breeds in soil, but sand fleas may cause more danger to your four-legged friend than other types of fleas but could cause more serious health conditions, such as anemia, fever¬†and liver damage to your pets. They can be brought inside on your pets, clothing and shoes.. That’s right… from the beach to your home, or your garden, indoors. Although the real sand fleas found near the ocean can prove deadly to their small marine prey, they do not live within human homes and will not infest pets. Chigoe fleas are also found in humid areas, and also incorrectly referred to as the “sand flea.”
  • All adult fleas are attracted to heat, carbon dioxide which is expelled when we or our pets breathe.

Large numbers of adult fleas generally occur from August through September in Florida. Our hot, humid weather provides the perfect breeding ground for fleas. Most of our Land O Lakes pest control clients have pets, and so we are extremely attentive to any signs of fleas or flea infestations that might be taking place.

cat flea treatment land o lakes pest control
Cat Fleas

If you need emergency pest control services for fleas, roaches, ants or other pests, Call Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control. We offer affordable home pest control in Land O Lakes and surrounding Lutz in Pasco County, Florida.