Saint Augustine Grass & Lawn Spraying

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St. Augustine grass is commonly found in Florida and in many developments, it is found in the common areas and front landscaping. Bay Area Lawn & Pest Control are experts in lawn spraying and irrigation repair and we know what it takes to keep your St. Augustine grass as well as other varieties of turf, healthy, thriving and looking beautiful.

If you are having issues with your turf or specifically your St. Augustine grass, it’s wise to ask a lawn pest control and fertilization company in Pasco County, Florida who is familiar with fertilization and pest control of Florida lawns. From season to season, it’s imperative to treat your lawn with the proper amount of nutrients and chemicals and not everyone does.  We find that communities in Pasco that are maintained by lawn care companies hired by the HOA, often times are not applying the proper amounts of fertilization or pest control agents.  If your HOA provides you with lawn care service, it’s common to have problems because they are treating all of the lawns in your community the same, and often times, just throwing fertilizer which can lead to thatch and other major problems. Additionally, your irrigation system may not be set up properly.

Whether you have St. Augustine grass or some other type of turf, and whether your lawn is being improperly cared for by you or someone else, maybe it’s time to get a second opinion! The best way to find out what type of problem you are having is to call a professional Land O Lakes, Florida lawn care and lawn spraying company so not to further damage your lawn or ornamentals. Call us today for a friendly, no hassle quote for lawn spraying service or CLICK HERE for services in your specific neighborhood in Pasco County.

The most popular Florida lawn grass types are Bahia, Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia, Centipede, Carpetgrass and Seashore Paspalum. All of these lawn grass seed types are considered warm season perennial lawn grass species.