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If you have a roach problem or if you want to keep those roaches from infesting your home, you may have been using roach sprays, cups or fogging to prevent or get rid of the roaches. The DIY pest control methods may seem to work at first, but generally they do not truly work long term. While you may see fewer roaches initially, they are most likely reproducing in places where you can’t see them… until they reappear. If you’re looking for an affordable roach control and extermination service in Land O Lakes  or Lutz  area that will keep your home roach free, call Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control Services. Our professional pest control services offer extermination products and services that will rid your home of roaches and many other common household bugs and pests…pests that are not only creepy, but pests like the cockroach which can carry diseases and cause allergies for many people. 

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    Florida Cockroaches

    The cockroaches most commonly found in and around Florida has many different types of cockroaches but the ones that are most commonly found in homes are as follows:

    american cockroach control
    Figure 1/ Florida Roach
    asian roach control
    Figure 2 / Asian Roach
    Brown Roach
    Figure 3 / Brown Roach
    Figure 4 / FL Woods Roach
    German Roach control
    Figure 5 / German Cockroach
    roach control smokey brown roach
    Figure 6 / Smokey Br Roach


    • Florida woods Roach – (Figure 1) The Florida woods roach is commonly found outdoors but can make its way indoors also. The Florida woods roach is slower moving than many other cockroaches.  This roach is fairly large, and is non-flying,  prefers damp locations, lots of moisture but survives well in warm, damp climates like we have here in Land O Lakes and throughout Florida. If you have a problem with the Florida woods roach finding the outdoor source is the first step in keeping them from coming indoors.
    • American Roach: (Figure 2) The American roach is one of the largest roaches that are usually found outdoors, but can crawl ( pretty quickly) or even fly indoors to find food and water. American cockroaches can be found in sinks, drains and under appliances, in cabinets and cupboards and just about anywhere in kitchen and bathroom floors. It’s important to understand that the American roach will eat food, pet food or any type of food or crumbs that are left out in your kitchen or other areas of your home. If you have problem with the American roach, we can help rid them of your home as well as find and treat the perimeter of your home where they live and breed.
    • Smoky Brown Cockroach: (Figure 5) The smoky brown roach can reach up to 38mm and can fly. Found outdoors in moist areas, the smoky brown can enter your home in a variety of ways such as through drains, doorways and open windows. The smoky brown roach feeds off of a variety of things from plants to human food, to fecal matter and more. Like any roach, the smoky brown roach can carry diseases and cause allergies.
    • Brown Roach: (Figure 3) Different than the smoky brown roach, the brown roach is also fairly large and can infest your home. Brown roaches require 3 things to thrive-food, water, and harborage. They prefer to live outdoors but will make their way indoors like any other cockroach.
    • Brownbanded Roach: Brown banded roaches are quite small and prefer temps around 80 degrees and have a lifespan of over 200 days. These roaches love to eat starchy matter, like glue or adhesives. Book bindings, stamps, wallpaper glue as well as human food are food sources for this roach.
    • Australian Cockroach: The Australian cockroach is highly mobile, is large and can fly. commonly found large cockroach and is winged with round tips and reddish-brown in color. Smaller than the American cockroach with long antennae distinguished by prominent yellow stripes along the outer front edge of either wing, and a dark spot in the center of the head.
    • German Roach: (German 6) The German roach prefers the kitchen and bathroom. Their preferred hiding spots are hinges of cupboards, underneath sinks and refrigerators, walls, corners of walls and baseboards. German roaches can multiply quickly and carry 40-50 diseases that can be spread to humans. Their skin castings can cause asthma in children and adults. It’s important to prevent and treat infestations of German cockroaches.

    What is that SMELL?

    Cockroaches produce a chemical called an “aggregation pheromone.” They use this odor to help each other stay together in groups. If you have a roach problem, and you happen to have a musty odor in your home, you may have a roach infestation.  odor of this chemical causes the roaches to stay together in groups.