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Flea Control and Exterminator Service in Land O Lakes

If you have pets or even if you don’t, in Florida, fleas can be found in your lawn then brought into your home.  We’re your neighborhood “go to” pest control company for flea control and exterminator in Land O Lakes. If you have cats or dogs, or both, it’s important to keep your home and lawn free from fleas.  pest control land o lakes fl, flea control and exterminators, Pasco countyrBay Area Lawn and Pest provides flea control and extermination services in Land O Lakes, Lutz, Wesley Chapel and throughout Pasco County, Florida.

If you’ve seen one or two fleas, that can mean you are on your way to an infestation if you don’t mange them right away. Treating your pets for fleas is also imperative to ensure that your home remains flea FREE!  The more your pet scratches, the chances are there will be blood which adults feed upon.

Flea Basics

Adult fleas have no wings are covered in little spines and are approximately 2.5 millimeters or 1/16 inch long. There mouths are structured to cause piercing bites on both animals and humans. Adults are the parasites that draw blood from the host. The flea larvae contains undigested blood which is from the feces of the adult flea. It will feed on organic debris but the adult flea blood is it’s choice food. Flea eggs do not attach themselves to the host and hatch in about two days and in the most convenient places in your home including the floor, carpets, furniture and a host of other places. There are many types of fleas in Florida such as the sand flea and the cat flea. Treating your home both indoors and out and treating your pets is crucial to getting rid of those fleas for good!

If you feel like you’re getting bitten by fleas, you very well might be! They have no problems feeding on human blood as well as your pet’s blood. In fact, many times pet owners will remove their animals from the home and this is when you’ll notice the flea activity including biting on humans. Fleas are very tiny and their dirt is similar to a coffee ground or pepper. Often times if you part back the coat of your pets fur, you may see fleas crawling, and you may see the flea “dirt or feces.”

Keeping fleas under control in Florida can be tough, especially if you try the do it yourself flea control methods. Why not save yourself time, money and your pets from itching by getting on a monthly pest control regiment? Our affordable pest control services can include flea control and extermination services. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a free estimate on our pest control services. Need a one time treatment? Let us know. We do what we can to provide the very best  pest control service in Land O Lakes, Florida while ensuring that your home and business remains pest and flea free!

Did You Know?

There are several different species of fleas in Florida, but the cat flea is the most frequently found flea? Learn more about fleas and indoor and outdoor flea control.