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Earwigs and Pest Control

Earwigs are insects of the order Dermaptera. Many people believe that the pinchers of an earwig are used to sting or bite, but earwigs are generally not dangerous to humans. Make no mistake, if an earwig does come in contact with your skin, it can latch on. Generally, earwigs will avoid humans. An infestation of earwigs can cause problems, nonetheless, and because earwig infestations often don’t respond to typical pesticides alone, it is wise to contact a licensed pest control company as soon as you see activity.

If you have an earwig infestation, or if you are noticing earwig activity around your kitchen, bath or other areas where it is moist, Bay Area Lawn and Pest Control has the ability to treat with pesticides that are able to control earwigs effectively. We offer affordable, effective home pest control services in Trinity, Land O Lakes, Lutz, Wesley Chapel and surrounding communities in Pasco County, Florida.

How to Minimize Earwig Activity Near Your Home

Earwigs are mostly nocturnal and often hide in small, moist crevices during the day, and are active at night. Earwigs can be found feeding on a wide variety of insects and plants but it is the Forficula auricularia that can cause the most damage to a variety of crops, flowers and foliage.  Because of the earwigs tendencies to hide, it is most important to eliminate hiding places. Railroad ties such as those used in landscaping, other wooden landscaping products, firewood, mulch and leaves, organic compost or other areas that produce damp conditions should be minimized and removed. Creating an area around your home that is free from such things can help you reduce earwigs. Earwigs are also attracted to light, so reducing sources of bright, artificial light near the foundation of your home can help deter them from gutters, porches or other areas.

Did You Know?

It’s a myth that earwigs crawl into the ears of humans. It isn’t “impossible” that at some point in history, one might have found its way into the ear of an unsuspecting, sleepy human. Rest assured, a human beings ear is not a nesting or mating place for earwigs nor, can it burrow into the brain to lay its eggs!

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